A welcome message from the Chair of the International Association for Intelligence Education European Chapter (IAFIE EC).

Dear Friends of Intelligence Studies and Education,

The European Chapter of IAFIE was inaugurated more than five years ago as an acknowledgement of the need to consolidate intelligence education across Europe. Thanks to the visionary initiative of Professor Bob de Graaf, and to the already proven expertise of IAFIE Global, the IAFIE European Chapter stands out now as a hub of creative thinking and sustainable education. Its main goal is to foster dialogue and communication by bringing together scholars and practitioners to share ideas, interests, challenges, and their passion for intelligence.

The spirit of IAFIE EC is profoundly bound to “education”, as one of the concepts that is never granted the right either to sit idle or to get exhausted, as it is never allowed to grow old and play the game of ignorance. This perpetual mission of education has been thoroughly embraced in the recent years by IAFIE EC with the aim of exploring new architectures of intelligence education systems, professionalizing intelligence, and creating new bridges between the practitioners and the scholars of intelligence.

The inauguration of the IAFIE EC new website marks the coming of age of the IAFIE EC. The community the Association has developed in the last five years across Europe and beyond stands out as a model of good practice for university-industry-government interaction. While acknowledging the key actors in intelligence systems, this model is at the heart of the emerging discipline of intelligence studies and can serve as a guide to developing new intelligence education programs merging theory and practice at the local, regional, national and multi-national levels.

As we approach the 5th anniversary of the IAFIE EC Conferences Series, initiated in the summer of 2016, it is appropriate to recognize the efforts of the conference organizers and participants of the subsequent conferences: Breda, The Netherlands (2016), Athens, Greece (2017), Leicester, UK (2018), Bucharest, Romania (2019). These conferences have generated over a thousand papers, new joint research projects and publications.

I would like to welcome your participation in the activities of the Association, hoping that the next years will generate even greater accomplishments in intelligence theory and practice, including the forthcoming conferences, workshops and training sessions.

Membership is now open at the individual and organizational levels. Please fill in the Membership form and join like-minded colleagues internationally in shaping the future of the IAFIE EC.

Professor Irena Chiru